Antonio Paone Redefines Men’s Fashion With Sartorio’s Vienna Grand Opening

Antonio Paone Redefines Men’s Fashion With Sartorio’s Vienna Grand Opening

Sartorio Napolie is Italian for “tailoring” or “tailoring house,” meant to represent that this brand is all about bespoke men’s fashion

VIENNA, AUSTRIA , December 8, 2022 / -- When society thinks of the world of fashion, they often associate the term with female fashion, style and dress. With most brands launching heavier campaigns for women magazine covers mostly housing female models, the niche of men’s fashion can often get overlooked.

But not for the Italian powerhouse brand Sartorio Napoli.

Sartorio Napolie is Italian for “tailoring” or “tailoring house,” meant to represent that this brand is all about bespoke men’s fashion that speaks to the modern style of this century. Classic and timeless pieces, Sartorio boasts premium garments that are high quality and temporary but house a carefully selected vintage finesse.

And now they are celebrating a grand opening in Vienna, Austria.

The Brand Behind the Brand

The Sartorio of today has been taken over by renowned style fashion-house: Kiton.

Kiton has one of the richest histories of an Italian fashion company, first beginning its humble journey in Naples in 1956. Its owner, Ciro Paone, was a fifth-generation fabric merchant who one day decided to pivot the family business to the craftsmanship of suits rather than only selling the wools with which they were made.

Over time, Kiton’s Naples factory amassed 400 tailors, each trained thoroughly in the production process of fine suit-making. The lucrative materials that Kiton used only spoke to their vision as a company to be a symbol of classicism, quality and distinction.

The name “kiton” itself is named after Greek chiton, a garment worn by ancient Greek aristocracy.

Today, Kiton is a name that resonates in the fashion world as a brand that masterfully produces deft, delicate and soft Neapolitan designs. Because of the brand’s attention to detail— and their use of rare material like Vicuña— a typical Kiton garment can take up to 25 hours to produce and can be worked upon by up to 150 people.

The Man Behind the Brand

Kiton is now run by Ciro Paone’s nephew: Antonio Paone.

Antonio Paone is a CEO whose fond memories of his uncle fuel every decision he makes for the company including opening the Sartorio store in the beloved city of Vienna. He always thinks about the strategy and the impact of his brands on the people who wear them— and the Vienna grand opening is no different.

“Organizing this kind of event always requires a thoroughly planned strategy and involves a lot of preparation,” Paone explained. “We wanted to make an event that would leave a mark on Vienna’s social life: we can say with pride that the Sartorio Grand Opening was THE occasion this winter in Vienna.”

Paone stops at nothing to assure the prestigious craftsmanship of Sartorio’s clothing lines. He dives deep into the niche of men’s fashion in order to drive an impact that is not only wanted but also deserved.

In other words, Paone wanted to have the shopping experience itself reflect the brand vision. He feels his customers deserve opulence every step of the way and not just in the material they’re buying.

“We have been able to create an extremely luxurious yet comfortable retail space, which when paired with beautiful music, invigorating Champagne and immaculate personal service, allows our customers to feel valued and cherished,” the CEO shared, passionately. “Our customers are special to us and they deserve a unique mix of visual, audial and kinesthetic pleasures that enhance their time supporting our store.”

The Look That Drives the Brand

Vienna’s Sartorio store is meant to bring a new style to men, one that is both effortless and modern. The outfits designed are meant to give an illusion of a man who isn’t trying, but still can attract instant attention because of how chic and unique the outfit is.

Moreover, Paone wants to bring suits back in as an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. With tailors hand-making every suit, Paone sees a world where men can dress to impress but with individual style. Vienna can now boast Italian elegance for not only women but also men.

“Customers will find our Vienna store housing quality suits, jackets, elegant shirts, comfy trousers and, of course, Italian shoes,” Paone informed. “For the most demanding clients we offer our special MTM service, whereby we take a customer’s measurements and let the Neapolitan Masters tailors craft a unique garment that meets even most exquisite requirements.”

The Brand That Exceeds Expectations

Paone is excited for the Sartorio store to take root in the beautiful country of Vienna, breathing fresh new life into the city. He can already see the support of fashionable men who come in and want to invest in clothing that elevates their self-branding— their image.

Sartorio is rapidly becoming a luxury label, one that is accessible and geared for customers who want only the best.

By reinterpreting the old Neapolitan sartorial traditions to deliver immaculate style and class to their customers, Sartorio has been able to bring advanced innovation to match a man’s modern high-paced lifestyle. With style and grace, the brand’s new fits and new materials continuously meet the deeply rooted artisan traditions passed down by the generations of Italian tailoring masters and they represent a world of bespoke elegance.

“We are the brand for the men who only opt for perfection,” Paone said, smiling. “I am thankful for the Vienna community for welcoming us and I cannot wait to see how the store can make a meaningful difference in the world of fashion for men.”


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