Become Part of the International Sartorio Franchise

Sartorio Napoli is more than a brand. It’s an embodiment of a centuries-old Neapolitan tailoring tradition redefined to find new forms in the modern setting. Sartorio is devoted to delivering immaculate style and unparalleled quality to men who value timeless fashion and want to wear garments that represent their personality. The signature approach of the brand entails a mix of innovative materials and fits with the best artisan customs developed by generations of Neapolitan tailors. 

Founded in Naples in 2009, Sartorio has been wisely led to gain international recognition by its CEO Antonio Paone. A man with a deep sense of style and class, Paone personally oversees Sartorio’s business operations and guides brand expansion into new international markets. The Sartorio factory in Naples employs more than 70 professionals who work with the highest quality materials and techniques to bring to life the sartorial perfection of Neapolitan masters. 

Today, Sartorio focuses on a wide variety of handcrafted male garments such as jackets, trousers, coats, and various accessories including scarves and ties. Each and every piece speaks for itself by projecting excellent tailoring quality and sophisticated design. 

For several years since its launch, Sartorio focused on wholesale, delivering garments to major department stores in numerous international locations. However, the brand made a decision to change its operational mode to maintain steady growth and gain a presence in new countries and regions. To that end, in 2017, Antonio Paone announced that Sartorio would re-orient toward delivering contemporary sartorial fashion directly to customers through in-store retail and online shopping experiences. 

Just two years later, Sartorio opened its first store in Milan, followed by another venue in Vienna in 2021. The brand is determined to grow the number of retail locations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, expanding the brand franchise to reach more and more customers.

The Sartorio Franchise Opportunities

Today, you can bring Neapolitan fashion and elegance directly to consumers by becoming part of the Sartorio franchise. Opening a Sartorio franchise in the location of your choice will open an array of business opportunities you can explore together with the brand.

As a Sartorio franchisee, you will be granted: 

  • an exclusive right to offer for sale and sell the Sartorio products locally through shop retail in the chosen location
  • an exclusive right to establish a Sartorio branch store upon the approval of the location by Sartorio brand representatives
  • an exclusive right to offer for sale and sell the Sartorio products worldwide through an online shopping platform
  • an exclusive right to use the Sartorio trademark for retail and marketing purposes

The franchise agreement with Sartorio is valid for the duration of 5 years with an automatic 5-year renewal unless prior written notice is given by one of the parties to indicate the termination. Sartorio Napoli will essentially act as an exclusive supplier of high-quality men's clothing under the Sartorio brand name. 

As a Sartorio franchisee, you will also be entitled to receive exclusive supply discounts both for corporate and personal purchases. Additionally, you will be granted access to Sartorio’s textiles and fabrics under a specified and approved list which is to be provided by the brand representatives. 

You will also cooperate with the Sartorio marketing team to:

  • develop the promotional strategy (including advertising) in accordance with the brand image
  • organize discounts and sales
  • determine resale prices and return policies
  • choose the location of the brick-and-mortar Sartorio store in your region
  • design and decorate the interior of the Sartorio store in your location

Become part of the international Sartorio franchise and bring the superb tailoring quality of Neapolitan sartorial masters to your region. Contact Sartorio representatives for further questions and inquiries.