Antonio Paone: The Modern Face of Timeless Neapolitan Chic

Antonio Paone: The Modern Face of Timeless Neapolitan Chic

Antonio Paone, the President of Kiton USA and CEO of Sartorio Napoli, is a man of true class. His immaculate style, excellent work ethic, and dedication to keeping family business traditions alive are the secret to Antonio’s professional success and personal happiness.

Born in 1972 in Naples, Antonio Paone was surrounded by the beauty of Italian sartorial tradition since early childhood. His father worked in a fabric factory and was involved in the embroidery business, letting his son in on the secrets and intricacies of his work. Antonio’s uncle, Ciro Paone, was the founder of Kiton who established the brand in 1965 and grew it into one of the world’s most renowned names in the luxury tailoring industry. With this impressive family background, it is fair to say that Antonio was destined to inherit the immaculate sense of style and deep understanding of sartorial business.

And he did indeed. Antonio underlines that his passion for fabrics was what first prompted him to join the Kiton enterprise. He first started working as a driver for his uncle and went on to travel all over Europe looking for exceptional tailoring fabrics for Kiton’s new designs, mastering his sales expertise and communication skills in the process.

Antonio prides himself is having worked side by side with Ciro Paone. He recalls a one-month-long business trip to Dallas, US, with Mr. Paone and Massimo Bizzocchi in 1996.

I had just arrived at the company at 22 years old, with virtually no experience. I was invited to Dallas for the 80th anniversary of Neiman Marcus. It was my first profound experience in the business. I remember very clearly that on that trip, I realized one important thing: to create beautiful things, you must work hard.

Antonio became the commercial director of Kiton in 2004 and later went on to preside over Kiton operations in the USA. Antonio also became CEO of Sartorio Napoli in 2017. He says that passion, perseverance, and luck are the three pillars of his business success. He is a tireless hard worker who invests all his energy and love of fashion into the brands.

Today, Antonio Paone regularly travels between Naples and New York to oversee Kiton and Sartorio‘s business operations and personally make sure that everything is running smoothly. Kiton has recently opened a new womenswear store on Madison Avenue, and Antonio highlights that he was fully involved in the project from start to finish: he helped select the location, picked the merchandise displays, and suggested interior design changes. “I made the store the way I always dreamt it, – says Mr. Paone, – luxurious, contemporary, and exquisite in every detail.

Antonio is also growing Sartorio Napoli. In 2019, the brand opened its first store in Milan, and another exclusive retail venue in Vienna has just opened its doors to clients this year. Antonio approaches the century-old art of Neapolitan tailoring with a fresh perspective – new fits, accessories, and materials continuously meet the deeply rooted artisan traditions in Sartorio’s immaculate garments.

When talking about his business, Antonio draws special attention to the value of tradition promoted through his brands. For Mr. Paone, Italian tailoring practices are much more than just a skill possessed by the chosen few. It is a realm of its own – a world where art and craft meet to give birth to unique garments of exceptional quality that never go out of style. In one of his older interviews, Antonio Paone says: “Tailoring is simply our culture, so all of the best tailors started there [in Italy]. It is important to know that this is not just a matter of quality, but of tradition and culture for us.

Mr. Paone also underlines that he always keeps his clients’ needs and tastes in mind. “Our clients want much more than a branded suit. They want a garment to represent their personality, elevate their confidence, and be an extension of their sense of class.” Every customer is treated with endless respect and a personal touch. Antonio Paone makes sure that sales personnel at Kiton and Sartorio stores approach clients not as buyers but as family members, delivering the best service and care to each visitor. Instead of blindly trying to reach more customers, Antonio Paone prioritizes building stronger, more long-lasting relations with his current clientele. “We’re not chasing numbers in this business. Quality over quantity is a simple principle I always follow in everything I do.

Antonio Paone is also excited to see that despite the overwhelming popularity of casual style and the dressing-down trend, his clientele still stands by the value and beauty of sophisticated looks. Kiton men and women are strong, successful individuals who love glamour and luxury, never underestimate the power of a good garment, and strive to look immaculate in any circumstance. Mr. Paone himself embodies this image – his every outfit is thought out to the last detail, inspiring a sense of multilayered yet effortless chic.

When asked about what can help other aspiring professionals in the tailoring/fashion industry grow and achieve success, Antonio Paone gives a simple yet profound answer: “Don’t give up and believe in what you do. Always do what you like.” This blend of a down-to-earth attitude with depth and insightfulness makes Mr. Paone a true visionary not only in business but in life as well. He is dreaming about passing down the heritage he has accumulated through the years of working at Kiton and Sartorio to his children – just like his uncle Ciro Paone did to him.

Antonio Paone is sure to keep giving it all he’s got when it comes to his commitment to Neapolitan tailoring craftsmanship. His devotion to bringing Italian sartorial chic to people all over the world is truly admirable – and the thriving success of his business is the best proof that Paone’s vision of flawless style is everlasting.


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