Sartorio Napoli: Reinventing the Neapolitan Sartorial Tradition

Sartorio Napoli: Reinventing the Neapolitan Sartorial Tradition

Sartorio Napoli is an exclusive brand that carries on the best traditions of the flawless Neapolitan style. At Sartorio Napoli, we manufacture exceptional quality garments with splendid materials and close attention to detail for our global client community. We bring the Neapolitan fashion heritage to the world and respond to the needs of the successful men of today. 

Sartorio Napoli was born in 2009 in Naples. The company CEO Antonio Paone has put all his passion, perseverance, and love for fashion into growing the brand and making it a championing name in the industry. Initially, the brand focused exclusively on wholesale, but shifted its course in 2017 to personally deliver the contemporary classic sartorial elegance to customers through an in-store experience. In 2019, Sartorio Napoli opened its first store in Milan, followed by another exclusive retail venue in Vienna 3 years later. Today, our brand is represented worldwide, selling garments in Eastern and Northern Europe, the USA, and Japan. Our factory in Napoli employs 70 professionals devoted to envisioning and materializing the Italian fashion philosophy. 

Sartorio Napoli reinterprets the old Neapolitan sartorial traditions to deliver immaculate style and class to our customers. By bringing advanced innovation to our centuries-old approach to tailoring, we redefine the classic models to fit the modern high-paced lifestyle. Our new fits and new materials continuously meet the deeply rooted artisan traditions passed down by generations of Italian tailoring masters. 

Our commitment to quality, comfort, and Italian sartorial aesthetics helps us anticipate contemporary fashion trends and create garments that prove to be timeless. By selecting superb quality fabrics produced by Carlo Barbera and perfecting the most sophisticated silhouettes for each garment, Sartorio Napoli gives birth to the true art you can wear. We strive to make handcrafted designs affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to experience immaculate Neapolitan fashion. 

Sartorio Napoli stands by its values and reinforces them in every piece created by our dedicated designers. Our garments project the philosophy of passion, pleasure, harmony, and genuine curiosity – both internally and externally. Every Sartorio customer becomes part of our big Kiton family and can proudly carry this family spirit into the world. And of course, wearing Sartorio garments is an intimate personal experience – each piece becomes a second skin and an extension of your unique personality. 


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